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Selected Credits

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R=Recorded, M=Mixed, Mstr=Mastered, P=Produced, G=Musician

Year Title Artist Label Credit
ALBUMS - 12" Vinyl & Compact Disc
2020 Then? Tramtracks Prommo Grande R,M,P,G
2017 My Leonard Cohen - Soundtrack Stewart D'Arrietta Live R,M,P,G
2010 Always You La Spina ABC/Universal/ Decca M
2009 Bolmimerie S.H.E. Tall Poppies R,M
2009 Ready To Listen Jackie Orszaczky Trio Vitamin R
2007 Long White Clouds Leo De Castro & The Dancehall Racketeers BBM M,P
2006 Voodoo Soul - Live At The Basement Leo De Castro & Friends BBM M,P
2006 Crazy The Roger Janes Band BBM M.P.G
2005 In The Key Of Night Peter Head BBM R,M,P
2005 The Power Of Three Ian Bloxsom Trio BBM R,M,P
2004     Girl Of The World Allona Viva R,M,G
2001 Glass Onion live in Concert John Waters Snub R,M,P,G
2000 Good News Week Tapes Vol II Various Artists Virgin R
1998 Frank - Sinatra Story in Song Tom Burlinson Batang R,M,P
1996 7% Solution Power Supply Mirage R,M
1995 You & I Julie Anthony Origin M
1993 Looking Through a Glass Onion John Waters Polygram R,M,P,G
1991 Cotton on the Breeze Monica & the Moochers rooArt R,M
1990 An Angel on the Bridge Lindsay Cooper ABC R,M,P
1990 Jaywalkin' Big Jay McNeely ABC R
1990 So Far So Good Terry Hannagan Hot To Trot R,M,P,G
1987 In My Time Don Henderson Hot To Trot R,M,P,G
1987 Say Yes Billy Field WEA R
1986 Calling in the Lions Venetians Festival R,M
1985 Work The Private RCA R,M
1985 Side Effects D'Arrietta Polygram R,M
1984 Strange Passion The Game Powderworks R,M,P
1984 Room To Move Full Marks CBS R
1984 Warrigal Morning Bushwackers CBS R,M
1983 Moving in Circles Silent Movies Polygram R,M
1983 Harmonica Step Hiroshi & Yagi Atom Mstr
1983 Bushido Swanee WEA R
1982 This Time It's Different Swanee WEA R,M
1982 Try Biology Billy Field WEA R,M
1981 Little Heroes Little Heroes Giant R,M
1981 Dark Room Angels CBS R
1980 Short Note Matt Finish CBS R,M
1980 Bad Habits Billy Field WEA R, G
1980 Tube Vision The Eyes ATA M
1979 I'll Be Around Doug Parkinson Southern Star R
1979 Concert in the Sky Col Joye ATA R
1978 Rhubarb Rhubarb Frankie Davidson Rhubarb R
1978 Golden Trumpets Billy Burton J&B R
SINGLES & EP's - 7" Vinyl & Compact Disc
2004 Joey Allona Viva R,M,G
1999 Cliche JC Blues Indy R,M,P,G
1997 More Time Gillius Thunderhead Indy R,M,P
1997 Take 5 Time Out Origin R,M,P
1995 My Forgotten Man Wendy Matthews rooArt R,M,P
1989 Not Waiting BigStorm WEA R
1986 Guns and Butter Do Re Mi Virgin R,M
1986 If Somebody Loves You Venetians Parole/Festival R,M
1986 Inspiration Venetians Parole/Festival R
1986 Angel/Get Together John Swan WEA R,M,P
1985 C Me Coming His Majesty Regal R,M,P
1985 She Does Spinners BMG(U.S.) R
1985 For Ramona Dragon CBS R,M
1985 Never Cum Fat Vince Sorrenti CBS M
1985 Love Affair Jackson James EMI M
1985 Like Her Daddy The Private RCA R
1984 Mona Dave Skinner Powderworks R,M,P
1984 Young Heroes Richard Wilde Powderworks R,M
1984 Leonardo Was a Groover Joe Blow EMI R,M
1984 New Blood Tina Cross EMI M
1984 Nothin' But a Lie Marc Hunter CBS R,M
1984 Do Dah Do Dah Do Dah The Game Powderworks R,M
1984 Shouldn't Have Done It The Game Powderworks R,M
1984 There Was a Girl/Ghosts Of Love Don Miller-Robinson WEA R,M
1983 Lady, What's Your Name? Swanee WEA R,M
1983 Stramge Passion/Love Me Tonight The Game Powderworks R,M
1982 So Excited Moir Sisters EMI R,M
1982 Bleeding Heart Little Heroes Giant R,M
1982 Sun Aint Gonna Shine Doug Parkinson CBS R,M
1982 Temporary Heartache Swanee WEA R,M
1981 Samantha/Ginny Swanee WEA R,M
1981 You're Not Alone (Andromeda) I.Q. EMI M
1981 Move On/Pouring Rain Dickerson Jones Mercury M
1981 Plastic Love The Spyz RCA R,M
1981 Nightlights/Life On The Line Smith EMI R,M
1981 Slow Dancing Ward 13 EMI R,M
1981 Short Note Matt Finish CBS R,M
1981 You Weren't in Love With Me Billy Field WEA R,G
1981 Can't Say No Silent Movies Result R,M
1981 Any Other Day Silent Movies Result R,M
1980 Modern Song The Numbers Deluxe R,M
1980 Can't Help Myself Flowers Regular R,M
1980 Letting Go Kevin Sommerville Festival R,M
1980 Straitjacket Angels CBS R,M
1980 Falling In and Out Mi Sex CBS R
1980 If I Were a Carpenter Swanee WEA R
1980 Don't Put Me Away The Jukes Result M
1980 I Am Australia Holger Brockmann Seven R,M,G
1980 Bad Habits Billy Field WEA R
1980 Save Some History For Me Jim Cooper Wheel R
1979 I'll Be Around Doug Parkinson Southern Star R
1979 After Loving You Kevin Sommerville ATA R
1978 The Hungry Years Doug Parkinson ATA R
1978 Grapevine Jim Cooper ATA R,M,P
(* AMPEX Golden Reel Award, ** Uncredited)
1994 Best Soundtrack Recording Looking Through a Glass Onion Best Soundtrack - Aria Awards Nomination R,M,P
1992 Monica & The Moochers Cotton On The Breeze Best Adult Contempory Album - Aria Awards Nomination R,M
1982 Swanee This time its Different Gold Album* R,M
1981 Men at Work Business as Usual U.S. Triple Platinum* R**
1980 Flowers Can't Help Myself Gold Single R,M
1980 Billy Field Bad Habits Platinum Album* R
1980 Matt Finish Short Note TBA* R,M
1980 Cold Chisel East Triple Platinum* R**
1979 Doug Parkinson I'll Be Around Gold Album R


AD=Audio Director, SP=Live Sound Producer, OB=Outside Broadcast, R=Record, M=Mix

Year Title Program/Venue Network/Production Co. Credit
2004 In Siberia Tonight Variety Show GNWTV/SBS SP
2003 Concert For Holly

Live TV Concert
Sydney Opera House

2003 The Chat Room Variety Show Seven Network/Austereo AD
2002 Farm Hand Live TV Concert Nine Network OB
2002 Australians Unite Telethon for Bali Appeal Seven Network AD
2002 NRL/AFL Live Broadcast Nine Network OB
2002 Big Day Out Live Broadcast Channel V OB
2001 Rising Stars Documentary Series ABC Television R,M
2000 Good News Week Variety Show Ten Network AD,OB
2000 In The Deep End with Andrew Denton Ian Thorpe Special Seven Network AD
2000 GNW - The Closing Ceremony Live TV Concert
Capitol Theatre, Sydney
Ten Network SP,OB
2000 Paul & The Fatman Variety Show GNWTV AD
2000 Starlight Foundation Xmas Special Variety Show Country Music TV AD
1999 GNW Night Lite Variety Show Ten Network AD,OB
1999-00 Melbourne Comedy Festival Live Broadcast GNWTV SP,OB
1985 Winners - The Other Facts Of Life dir. Esben Storm Seven Network R,M
1987 World of Medicine (Doco) comp. John Stuart   R,M
1988 Hiawatha (Animated Feature) comp. John Stuart Burbank Films R,M
1986 Blood Oath (Feature Film) comp. Don Miller-Robinson   R
1986 Prisoner of Zenda (Animated) comp. John Stuart Hanna Barbara R,M
1985 Gallagher's Travels (TV Feature) comp. John Stuart Ten Network R,M
1985 Treasure Island (Animated Feature) comp. John Stuart Burbank Films R,M
1985 Spirit of the Blue Mountains (Doco) comp. John Stuart   R,M
1984 Fair Game (Feature Film) comp. Ashley Irwin SAFC R,M
1984 King Soloman's Mines (Animated) comp. John Stuart Hanna Barbara R,M
1983 Bush Christmas comp. Mike Perjanik/The Bushwackers Australian Film Commission R,M
1983 Dr Jeckyl & Mr Hyde (Animated) comp. John Stuart Hanna Barbara R,M
1983 Sarawak Stocktake (Doco) comp. John Stuart   R,M
1982 Coolangatta Gold (Feature Film) comp. Bill Conti, arr. Ashley Irwin   R
1982 Dirt Racers (Doco) comp. Ashley Irwin   R,M
1982 Sherlock Holmes (Animated) comp. John Stuart Hanna Barbara R,M
1982 Peter Pan (Animated Feature) comp. John Stuart Burbank Films R,M
1981 Monkey Grip (Feature Film) comp. Don Miller-Robinson Pat Lovell R,M
1981 Freedom (Feature Film) comp. Don Walker SAFC R,M


Scene: Playback in makeshift control room backstage at rock venue, multitrack & OB setup having captured roaring set from all-star band including two legendary guitarists...

Skunk: Hey DC, what channels are them geetars on?
DC: Those two...
Skunk: Hey Elliot, how's about we give 'em the old Cherokee EQ?
Elliot: Sure...
Skunk leans across desk and winds full bass, middle & treble into both guitars which increase them about 30 db in the mix, looks back at Elliot, satisfied
Elliot: The old Cherokee EQ does it again...


SD=Sound Director, R=Recorded, M=Mixed, P=Produced, G=Musician, OB=Outside Broadcast

Year Artist/Event Type of Gig Venue Credit
2017 Orszaczky Budget Orchestra Streaming The Basement, Sydney M
2009 Arts In The Valley Arts Festival Kangaroo Valley NSW SD
2004 Australian Chamber Orchestra + Special Guests Music Festival Huntington Winery, Mudgee SD
2004 Satango Live Show Production CD Stables Theatre, Sydney M
2003 Synergy + Special Guests Live Recording City Recital Hall, Sydney R
2003 Concert For Holly

Live TV Concert

Sydney Opera House SD,OB
2002 The Calling Live Recording Metro Theatre, Sydney R
2002 The Lipstick Killers Live Show Metro Theatre, Sydney SD
2001 Glass Onion encore tour Live Album & Australian Tour Theatre Royal, Sydney R,M,P, G
2000-01 Monty Roberts World Tour Arena Event Australian Tour SD
2000 GNW - The Closing Ceremony Live TV Concert
Capitol Theatre, Sydney SD,OB
1999 The Tea Party Triple J 'Live at the Wireless' Enmore Theatre R

Tom Burlinson
Frank - The Sinatra Story in Song

Theatre Show & Live Album Australian Tour SD, RMP
1997-98 John Waters
From Hair to Here
Touring Show Australian Tour SD
1996 Tongan Music Assc. National Music Festival Kingdom of Tonga SD
1995 Jeannie Lewis live in concert Live Recording Harbourside Brasserie R
1995 Hungarian Rap Sadists Live Recording Harbourside Brasserie R
1992-94 John Waters
Looking Through a Glass Onion
Touring Show Australia and London SDG
1988 Big Jay McNeely Live Album Kinselas - Sydney R,M
1987 Fabulous Singlettes Live Show Kinselas - Sydney SD
1986 Imagine Touring Show New Moon - Queensland SDG
1985 My Old School ABC TV Recording Tivoli - Sydney R,M
1980 Angels 2MMM Live to Air Hordon Pavillion-Sydney R,M
1980 L'Oreal Hair Expo Cheveron - Sydney SD
2002 Best Live Sound Connections Magazine Entech Awards Nomination SD


"…sound designer and mixer David Cafe has worked miracles. There is clarity in every strand of sound and the whole is exceptionally well mixed." The Australian

"…the sound is stunning" Sydney Morning Herald

"…the sound is fat and luscious" West Australian

"…the disc captures vividly the frisson only live performance generates" Melbourne Herald Sun

Glass Onion "...It was the opening night of Looking Through a Glass Onion at the Theatre Royal and in the audience was Kate McCue, of Pyrmont. "There was a variation," she says, "to a common message which brought more than a smile to the faces in the crowd: Welcome to the Theatre Royal ... please switch off all mobile phones, as they could interfere with navigation systems and cause the Mir space station to crash into the Theatre Royal, killing hundreds of innocent people as well as the person using the mobile phone. Thank you." The appeal was the work of sound director David Cafe, and it's used every night "to loosen them up" 'Column 8' - SMH - 15/3/01

Here's some of the folk DC has worked with (and learnt from) through the years..."Surround yourself with talent and some of it has to rub off":

Air Supply Ian Kerr - Joe Blow Peter Blyton
Allona Jackie Orszaczky Peter Dawkins
Andrew Thomas Wilson Jackson James Peter Head
Angels James Blundell Peter McCian
Ashley Irwin Jamie Rigg Power Supply
Australian Chamber Orchestra Jeannie Lewis Private Lives
Ayers Rock Jeff St John Radiators
Barry Crocker Jim Cooper Renee Geyer
Benny Cadeaux Jimmy Sloggett Richard Wilde
Big Jay McNeely John Boylan Robbie Porter
Big Storm John Stuart Rob Workman
Billy Field John Waters Roger Janes Band
Bill Motzing Johan Legrope Sandy Scott
Bushwackers Jon English Scott Walker
Cameron Allen Julie Anthony She
Col Joye Jump Back Jack Sherbs
Cold Chisel Kevin Sommerville Silent Movies
D'Arrietta King Henry Sweeping Tyrant
Dave Skinner Kiss Smith
David Courtney La Spina Southern Star Band
David Pereira Leo De Castro Spinners
Demis Roussos Lindsay Cooper Steve Abbott
Divinyls Lipstick Killers Steve Katz
Do Re Mi Little Heroes Stewart D'Arrietta
Don Henderson Malcom McCallum Swanee
Don Miller-Robinson Mara Synergy Percussion
Doug Ashdown Marc Hunter Ted Mulry Gang
Doug Parkinson Marcia Hines The Calling
Dragon Mark Williams The Game
Fabulous Singlettes Martin Wesley-Smith The Numbers
Flowers Matt Finish The Reels
Frankie Davidson Matt Sloggett The Riffs
Full Marks Men At Work The Seekers
G Men Mi Sex The Spyz
G. Wayne Thomas Michael J. Kenny The Tea Party
Glen Shorrock Mighty Reapers Tina Cross
Goldrush Mike Harvey Tom Burlinson
Guy Dickerson Mike Perjanik Tommy Emmanuel
Hannagan Mike Rudd & The Heaters Tommy Tycho
His Majesty Moir Sisters Venetians
Hungarian Rap Sadists Monica & The Moochers Vince Sorrenti
Hossam Ramzy & Omar Faruk Tekbilek My Old School Ward 13
I.Q. Neil Murray Wendy Matthews
Ian Bloxsom Trio Peter Bailey Zarsoff Brothers


...once on a session I open up the piano mics and notice some RF interference, I could hear the 2KY races being broadcast. Suspecting a dodgy connection, I head into the studio to find veteran muso Milton Saunders sitting at the piano with his chart beside a form guide on the music stand, one headphone on and an earpiece in the other ear connected to a portable transistor picking up Randwick Races while playing the session...


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