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Audition material - Audio produced by David Cafe
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1. Selection of music recorded and mixed, produced or co-produced by David Cafe. Pop/Rock/New Wave/Folk/Classical/Jazz/Country/Soul/Big Band/Soundtrack and live concert genres. Excerpts from:
  1. Can't Help Myself - Flowers
  2. Short Note - Matt Finish
  3. Fundamental Mistakes - Marc Hunter
  4. Lady What's Your Name?/Temporary Heartache - Swanee
  5. Sun Aint Gonna Shine - Doug Parkinson
  6. Bad Habits/You Weren't In Love With Me - Billy Field
  7. Walk Away - Private Lives
  8. Leonardo Was A Groover - Joe Blow
  9. Cotton On The Breeze - Monica & The Moochers
  10. Tell Me A Tale - Terry Hannagan
  11. How? - John Waters
  12. The Tender Trap - Tom Burlinson
  13. Walkin' After Midnight/Papa's Got A Brand New Bag - Leo De Castro
  14. Natives Are Restless/Barumba/Land Ahoy/A Lemon Entry - John Stuart
  15. Botticelli - Lindsay Cooper


MP3 - 62.3MB
2. Voice artist reel - Radio play, cartoon, TV & advertising reads using library music and sound fx selected and edited by David Cafe

3. Documentary style - Excerpt from "Stanley Jeavons - A Life At Sea" commissioned for the Australian Maritime Museum. Assembled by David Cafe from archival interview. Original music by Don Henderson and John Stuart.


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